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Authentic, Joyful, & Colorful images for couples who want  to look and feel natural.



Do you love photos that come to life? How about being worry free the day of your wedding knowing every shot you share with the photographer will be taken? What about a hype gal all day? Lexi accomplishes all of this and more!

She’s worth the investment. She puts so much thought into getting to know you…She captures the love and connection with your partner and the joy of your friends and family. Your special day and photos for a lifetime deserve Lexi.

Ellen + Bradley, Oct. 2022

She is lovely, funny, and professional. She made us feel so comfortable and thought of over the months [leading up to the wedding] with consistent communication and care. I could go on and on. I am so impressed with her. Period.

isabella + Nate, Nov. 2022

I did SO MUCH research when looking for a photographer because it was really important to me that we were able to FEEL our day again when we looked at our photos and that the colors were vibrant and true to real life.

Anjelica + Albert, Oct. 2022

If you are a person who has strong attention to detail or simply want to feel like your photographer will do more than just take nice pictures of you two, then consider Lexi... She is more than a photographer...

Do yourself a huge favor and if you are considering where to splurge a little more, consider splurging on your photos. People may tell you how awesome your wedding day was, but it won’t ever help you relive it like your pictures do.

Veronica + Phillip, Nov. 2021

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